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Competition to enhance awareness about the legal rights of women

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management

Competition to enhance awareness about the legal rights of women

AIM Organizes Women Empowerment and Gender Diversity Session On 16th December, 2017, the HR/OB department of Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM) organized a HR Panel Discussion on “Women Empowerment and Gender Diversity.” The programme was conducted in the campus auditorium. The event started with the corporate video of Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), and how it’s been delivering excellence in management education since 1996. Sh. S.P. Chauhan, Director – Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), then gave a floral welcome to the guest speakers which included Anjana Singhal, Head HR – The Press Trust of India, Gurmeet Kaur, Head – Anti Fraud Risk Management – Home Credit India, Manju Seth, Career Diplomat, Retd. IFS (Indian Foreign Services) and Shampi Venkatesh, Founder – P-Quotient. Mr. Nilesh Prabhulkar, social entrepreneur and martial arts trainer, was also invited in the event to share a few tips and tricks that women can use for their safety. Shampi Venkatesh started the discussion by narrating incidences from her own life that made her realize her own strengths and take control of her own life, and not get bogged down by what life threw at her. In her words, “We are the masters of our own fates. We, as women, have all the powers to change, to think deeper and extensively, and take control of our lives.” She also added that empowerment and accountability go hand in hand, and it’s high time that women realize their strengths and go after their dreams. Gurmeet Kaur, Head – Anti Fraud Risk Management, Home Credit India – shared one incidence from her childhood where she had to fight her way to get rid of her knee length hair, and take a new hair cut, and how her father supported her decision. She also expressed happiness over how parenting has changed over years, and that even organisations like hers, are mostly gender agnostic, and candidates are selected solely basis on their core competencies. Anjana Singhal from the Press Trust of India contributed to the discussion by adding that she was proud to have come from a family that encouraged her to pursue her dreams, and how she was now giving the same lessons of empowerment to her daughter and had taught her to take care of herself on her own. Manju Seth, Career Diplomat, Retd. IFS (Indian Foreign Services), also narrated her childhood stories that motivated her to create her own place in a largely man dominated society; she also shared her opinion that women who work as homemakers should also ask for monetary compensation for their work so they don’t have to financially depend on their male counterparts. The programme ended with audience questions and answers round, and then with a small demonstration by Mr. Nilesh Prabhulkar where he showed some tricks with which a woman can defend herself and get out of dangerous situations without getting hurt. All in all, it turned out a highly informative and engaging event.

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